target cellulite on legs

Ask an expert: How to get rid of cellulite legs once and for all

Cellulite on legs It is quite a common problem. More than 50% women have cellulite legs. The main reasons for appearance of cellulite are: a couch-potato lifestyle stress unhealthy diet It is only the tip of the iceberg, but there is no sense to go to the heart of the problem. Leg cellulite is a fact so we MUST something to do to remove cellulite from legs. Cellulite on legs […]

facts about cellulite

The scientists discover shocking facts about cellulite

The scientists discover shocking facts about cellulite. It is a well-known skin condition of hips, buns and sometimes arms, stomach and shoulders when the skin becomes irregular and it appears many lumps and dimples. For which reason cellulite is called “orange peel effect”. Medically speaking, cellulite is structural changes in the subcutaneous fatty tissue leading to microcirculatory and lymphatic drainage disorder. What is cellulite? In the medical field cellulite is […]

fat and cellulite

Do you believe the presence of fat doesn’t mean you have cellulite?

So the fact is that cellulite is fat, but it is not an ordinary adipose tissue, and as a result it is modifying tissue due to the certain body disorders. What is the difference between fat and cellulite? No matter how skinny or fat we are, so all of us have fat tissues under the skin, and just they can be developed in cellulite. This is probably the first and […]