So the fact is that cellulite is fat, but it is not an ordinary adipose tissue, and as a result it is modifying tissue due to the certain body disorders.

What is the difference between fat and cellulite?

No matter how skinny or fat we are, so all of us have fat tissues under the skin, and just they can be developed in cellulite. This is probably the first and most important thing you need to understand for yourself. But in order to understand how and why this happens, firstly you need to learn more about the fat – how it is formed, why it is deposited in various places, and why we are growing fat or lose it.

To understand what cellulite is, we need to know more about fat.

fat and cellulite

We just need to take a certain amount of fat while eating, because it fulfills a number of important functions in the body. Most of the consumed fat is stored in our body for as long as it does not need additional energy – it’s like the filling of a refrigerator, keeping food products for future use. Generally, as the source of energy our body prefers sugar. It is easily absorbed and just as easily splitted, while providing the body with necessary energy. However, the body can store only a small amount of sugar, which, as a reserve, is located in the liver in the form of glycogen and it is used as a short-term energy storage. When it is filled, excess sugar is stored as fat.

So what happens with the fat we eat? It is absorbed with the small intestine and gets into the liver, where some of it is used to produce the essential hormones, to form nerves, skin and other body organs. Excess fat is carried by the blood into the adipose tissues, where it is deposited in the fat cells.

All of us are dreaming of no fat cellulite

But only a few of us know that fat is an excellent insulating tissue. It allows us to save heat and protects against damage such sensitive organs as the kidneys, heart, liver and lungs. Subcutaneous fat protects us from bumps. Moreover, chemicals, pesticides and other harmful elements, contained in our food and water, are stayed in the adipose tissue, which protects more important tissues from their harmful effect. Fat also plays an important role in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

However, excess fat in the diet can be harmful, as most of us take it too much, though we know the connection between heart diseases and fat intake.

Fats are not identical.

The location of fat deposits in our body depends on your gender, genetic structure, lifestyle and hormonal balance.

Most men have an apple-shaped figure. Fat is gathered around the abdomen, heart and bowel.

In the article in Vogue magazine named “how can I lose bum fat fast” we can learn some information about women’s fat. They have a pear-shaped figure, and fat is deposited on the buns and hips.

The fat cells are formed in the childhood and early adolescence, and after, to get rid of them is almost impossible. The only thing we can do is only to reduce their dimension, but not the quantity.

the formation of cellulite

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